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Wiip! Security

Wiip! Security covers the full range of security applications and services concerning both the corporate and domestic environment. At the corporate level Wiip Systems has designed a surveillance rounds management system. At the domestic side, Wiip Systems has designed a home emergency alarm system.

Wiip! Surveillance

The system Wiip! Surveillance consists on the control and management of surveillance rounds in corporate environments, both indoor and outdoor locations. The system has two mobile applications, web application management and Wiip!® tags placed at those locations of the round, which makes the deployment of the system quick, simple and extremely economical.

  • Remote or on-site management
  • Agents accounts management
  • Rounds management
  • Round points management, and tag assignment to them
  • Agent positioning control
  • Adaptable to any environment
  • Visualization through a scenario map
  • NFC tags are reusable
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Mobile app for tag assignment
  • Mobile app for check round points



Wiip! Alarms

Wiip! Alarms is a home emergency alarm system, which allows to send an alarm of fire, police or medical emergency with just tapping the phone to a Wiip!® tag. The system is extensible to any other warning or alarm to make life easier for people at risk of social exclusion.



Wiip Security (pdf)