Wiip Systems

Wiip! Leisure

Wiip! Leisure comprises all tourism and leisure applications, from a tourist guide in a city, museums information access, multimedia, ticketing applications, discount coupons and loyalty cards...

Wiip Systems has designed a multimedia tourist guide application. Essentially the system consists on placing Wiip! tags in different points of interest of a city, which will be read by a mobile phone equipped with NFC and tourist guide app. The system is complemented with QR coding to cover  full range of smartphones.

  • Detailed information of points of interest
  • In-built audioguide
  • Restaurants, entertainment and shopping recommendations
  • Public transport information
  • Point of interest positioning map
  • Predefined touristic routes
  • Custom routes

This tourist guide system has several advantages over traditional systems:

  • Economic deployment: you only need to set a nfc tag instead of touch screens, points bluetooth points, etc ...
  • Economic maintenance: the tags are reusable, and the impact to any act of vandalism or damage is minimal, a label replacement would be enough.
  • Quick and easy app distribution.
  • Flexible and immediate maintenance or update.


Wiip Leisure (pdf)