Wiip Systems

Wiip! Health

Wiip! Health is the solution for information access and management in hospitals and socio-sanitary environments. This solution combines proximity and wireless technologies such as NFC, RFID, WiFi or Bluetooth, in order to offer a set of services for access to information, identification, control and management. Wiip! Health integrates with existing technologies and infrastructures in the application environment.

Some of the applications of Wiip! Health solution are:

  • Patient identification
  • Medical history management
  • Pharmacological stock traceability
  • Patient monitoring and location
  • Medical material logistics
  • Access control to restricted areas
  • Audiovisual medicine reading

The aim of all these applications is to allow access to information, management and system control from anywhere and from any device, providing hospital staff great flexibility, immediacy and simplicity compared to its usual procedures. Related to medicine reading, the product is aimed to blind or older people.


Wiip Health (pdf)

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