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Wiip! Car

Wiip Systems has designed a model of automatic regulated parking system. The system is aimed to provide an automated control to the agents of a regulated parking system of a city, thanks to NFC technology, and electronic payment system to the user using only a smartphone. With Wiip Car high flexibility and simplicity for the user and the controller are achieved

The advantages of this system compared to traditional are multiple:

  • Users can extend their parking time with a single click on their mobile application, and without the need to be on parking spot.
  • The user may use the service in those cities which have implemented the system Wiip! Car
  • The user does not need to have coins, since the purchase of parking time is performed through the smartphone.
  • If a user is fined, the app will allow the cancellation of the fine almost immediately.
  • The controller have a system much simpler and updatable in real time, allowing a more thorough inspection of parked vehicles, so that the number of not fined vehicles is greatly reduced.
  • This system reduces maintenance costs of parking meters, devices, printing, etc ...


Wiip Car (pdf)