Wiip Systems


Our systems are based on NFC technology, as it has certain advantages over other identification methods. However, Wiip! systems works with several technologies to make our systems compatible and adaptable to any need or requirement


NFC (Near Field Communications) is a communication interface that enables short-range information exchange between a mobile device and a passive element, between a mobile device and an active device, or between two mobile devices. The key element, in addition to the mobile phone, are NFC tags, which are made up for a metal loop with a microchip and a small memory: when the phone is close to the tag, it excites the tag by an electromagnetic field, generating a current which powers the circuit and makes the tag to respond with the information recorded in its memory. NFC technology is integrated into mobile phones for information exchange in the field of payments without a credit card. However, the NFC reader opens up a wide range of possible applications barely explored. NFC has several advantages over other identification technologies:

  • NFC tags are reusable
  • Labels can be write protected
  • Wiip systems use customized tags in order to protect access to undesired readings
  • NFC tags can be hidden behind objects
  • Ease of use is high: just tap the mobile phone or NFC device


RFID technology is NFC predecessor and as its name suggests, is a radio frequency identification technology used mainly for product identification, goods traceability or access control with smart cards. This technology is designed to replace the traditional barcodes, greatly improving product traceability, reducing costs and increasing quality in logistics and distribution

QR Codes

QR Codes (Quick Response) or two-dimensional codes are modules to store information based on an array of points. Although it was initially used for product tracking and identification, such as bar codes, it has recently extended its use to access web content and advertising, business cards or discount coupons, and more.