Wiip Systems


About us

We are a young and innovative company focused on developing mobility and proximity products and services. Our goal is to offer solutions oriented to improve the daily tasks or procedures of your company, and to carry them out anywhere, under any conditions, and with the greatest ease and reliability.


Wiip! Systems is continuously working on getting our applications, in addition to complying with the functional requirements, have a front-end simple, intuitive, and adapted to user needs.


The systems developed by Wiip! Systems are designed to offer the highest quality, robustness and reliability to our customers. Our ultimate goal is to offer a product with the highest level of quality.


Wiip! Systems develops solutions with the aim of satisfy customer needs, adapting their solutions to the required scenario and preserving high levels of quality.


Wiip! Systems is a technology-based company formed by highly qualified researchers, with extensive knowledge of the latest software and wireless technologies. This allows Wiip! Systems being continuously researching and working on the improvement of our products, always offering the highest quality with the latest technologies.