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September 28th, 2012
Success of Wiip! Systems at Simo Network 2012

The technology fair in Madrid presents the latest solutions to improve the efficiency of SMEs with mobile technology as a top player.

Plants tweet to be fed, virtual singers give concerts as holograms, using the mobile as a credit card or even keep all the information of a medical record in a simple Plastic wrist. All this and more is possible because advances in computing that can be seen at the fair SIMO in Madrid's IFEMA Fairgrounds, 126 exhibitors displaying the latest solutions to improve the efficiency of small and medium enterprises with mobile technology as the highest protagonist, dressed in computer application.

Dell and HP are placed in large stands showing their new computers with Windows 8, which is not yet marketed. In addition, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation occupies the center of the pavilion, showing in Spain their technological proposals. But small businesses are the most technological surprise for visitors. In that sense, Wiip Systems has received many visits of the business sector, showing great interest in their technology and solutions.

But mobile applications are the stars of the show. Forget the keys is no longer a problem, as it is possible to open the door by phone, or even send you a copy via a message with technologies like Wiip's. This Valencian company has developed systems based on NFC technology,  a communication interface that enables short-range exchange of information between a 'smartphone' and an object that has a label with the same technology. Wiip! targets applies to tourism services, health, safety and the automobile.

Source: La Voz de Galicia

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